Give your time, Lift your country, Save your planet

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As conscious citizens we all have our dissatisfactions with the way things are. We wish laws were better enforced, we wish there was better employment for the youth, we just wish government would do better! Well, while we wait on the president and parliamentarians to get their act together, the opportunity has come for us to contribute our own part. The development of our nation is the collective responsibility of everyone, not just politicians. The Ghana Think Foundation has decided to use this year’s Founder’s Day (which celebrates the birthday of Ghana’s legendary first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah) to emulate just what he would want, it is now National Volunteer Day.

Volunteer day

The Ghana Think Foundation have christened Saturday, September, 21st, 2013 as National Volunteer day and you’d be doing yourself a great disservice not to participate. There’s even a promotional video. Check it out!

With this spirit of volunteerism, there are events springing up all over and yes, we will present to you the greenest of them.

Greening the Nkwantanang School

Kuukuwa Manful, a budding architect and member of the Ghana Think Foundation group is organizing an event to make the Nkwantanang Cluster of Schools in Madina, Accra a greener place for its students. With all volunteers that show up, she plans to build a playground, paint and plant some flowers using recycled materials. You can read more about her event here.

Playtime in Africa: Plant a Park!

Playtime in Africa

This event is being organized by the Mmofra Foundation which hosts cultural initiatives tailored to children. They have been working to create a children’s park which was inspired by Efua T. Sutherland’s photo essay in the 1960s which captured children’s play in Ghana. They will be painting, digging, planting, etc to create park areas for children. It will be from 12pm to 4am in Dzorwulu in Accra. Find out more here.

There will be Green Ghanaian representatives at both of these events. We couldn’t pass this great opportunity up.

So give your time this Saturday to lift your country… and save your planet. You owe it to generations of the future.


About The Green Ghanaian Intiative

Akua Akyaa Nkrumah is a Ghanaian environmental technologist based in Accra, Ghana. She studied Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Maryland - College Park. She currently works as a consultant for environment and climate change in Accra and has a passion for water, sanitation, recycling and renewable energy
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  1. Kwabena says:

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    Rather than simply argue about who founded Ghana, you might want to actually do something. Kudos to all involved.


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